Red Trail Outdoors (RTO) will be the next biggest name in the industry and if you want to join us on the journey then you will need to follow some simple rules. You will NOT sit and enjoy the ride through tough times and receive the perks at the end. We will be requesting a semi-annual performance report where we will be able to track your work and energy you put into your position. The performance report will include what you have accomplished during the reporting period, what you plan on accomplishing during the next reporting period, and what goals you reached from your previous reporting period (if applicable). If you’re looking for a 9-5 job, then keep looking. This is not a source of income but delivers several rewards based on performance. You will be expected to work hard, be dedicated, and reliable to continue this great tradition we want to pass down through the younger generations. 

- !!You MUST BE 18 years old when you submit the application!!


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