Brandon Janschek


Brandon Matthew Janschek was born on April 22nd 1991. That’s the moment when he realized that he was going to be and outdoorsman, born and raised on the family farm in Waldorf MD. He spent the first couple years watching all types of animals that would appear in the front or back yard. Once he was old enough to walk he started to go hunting with his father and Uncle. When he was seven he was shot with high brass number six while rabbit hunting with his father and a group of people. Brandon was found in the woods in the winter time and on the river during the summer time. From crabbing to fishing to just having fun. Once he graduated high school he join the Marine Corps in 2010. From there he was station in North Carolina where he deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) once and deployed on the 24 Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) where he visit Spain, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Africa. Brandon loves spending time with his wife Riley and his two boys, Blake and Shane.